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So not WOW!

I started a quilt top with a specific fabric in mind. I loved this fabric, it is beautiful and just makes me happy.

Well it did until I used it in a very very wrong way. Now my happy fabric just seems sparse in many areas of the quilt. It's still an ok quilt, just now that WOW that I was hoping for. Lesson learned, when you cut the fabric and it just doesn't look quite right, and in your gut you worry that it just is not going to look as good as you hoped; listen to your gut. I wish I had just taken a little extra time and fussy cut a few of the sparse pieces because then it would have been much better. I know, I know, I could take out my friend Jack and rip out some of those seams and replace the pieces...but I won't. I may remake another though, and do it the right way this time (including fussy cutting those overly purple pieces that were supposed to have flowers), or perhaps just make the same quilt with different fabrics (which probably would be the better option).

So the whole point of this post, you might ask? No matter how good our fabric picking intensions may be. No matter how beautiful the fabric may be and how happy it makes us. Some things just are not meant to be used in some situations. But hey, at least most of my points point the way they were supposed to, with only a few snubbing each there is improvement on that part at least.

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