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Pattern testing and pandemics

To continue on from the first post...Still in a pandemic (a year in and still going strong). I tend to joke when things hurt me and this is no different. I have lost people to this pandemic, I have heard of others as well, but despite all of that there are some good things about time on your hands...pattern testing is a thing.

I have been lucky enough to get to try out some different pattern for designers (yes, even as only a beginner/intermediate) I have been able to do this, and it truly helps me out as well as helping the designer out. I get the practice and they get to make sure that their pattern not only makes sense, but is also appropriately skill level labeled. If you want to work on your skills and get to try out peoples patterns, I highly recommend you do pattern testing, even if you are a beginner (someone that is new to quilting has to verify it is a beginner patter, right?)

The only thing bad about pattern testing is that sometimes you have to wait a long time to show others the beautiful quilts that you were allowed to make. That is truly a tough thing...right now I have three waiting on the publish dates of the patterns so that I can share them, but here are a few that I have finished, they have published and now I can share. (remember, I am not an expert, not a professional, still learning). Here are some that I have completed, they have been published and I am really liking them (haven't tested a pattern yet that I didn't end up liking the end product; Kudos to the designers)

@Cottonandbliss was my first ever pattern testing, and the pattern #leightonquilt had me hooked. It was fast and easy and came out beautifully. I liked it so much I pattern tested it twice...once for a throw size and once for a baby quilt...both using patriotic theme but they turned out looking completely different just with the placement of colors. (same fabric used in both) On a side note, this also showed that I needed to work on my photography skills when it came to pictures of quilts, but it is what it is.

#leightonquilt throw size

all those pieces

#leightonquilt baby size

My next attempt at pattern testing was #trackingalongquilt by @lynsavenue. This one allowed me to use some fabric in the centers that I really love, and it gave big enough pieces to actually see the fabric design. I could see it as a really good one for little ones with different kinds of fabrics as kind of an eye spy quilt.

Thank goodness for straight seams, or in my case, sort of straight seams.


Then I learned about an awesome online quilt magazine, appropriately named the Quilt Pattern Magazine. Admittedly, their patterns are a bit frustrating, but only in the fact that you have to wait until months later to show the end product to people (and I wanted to show them off much quicker...but it is another lesson for life...patience). I have made a few for the Quilt Pattern Magazine (and have a few waiting still for publication...oh and they are wonderful). The quilts from these patterns, that I am allowed to show now, include #Nowwhichway, #roundabout, #medievalwindows, and #gardenview.

#nowwhichway pattern designed by Amy Stirrup

#roundabout designed by Amy Stirrup

#medievalwindows designed by Barbara Gavlick Hartnett

#gardenview designed by Barbara Gavlick Hartnett

One that is so fun, and is published now is from @southerncharmquilts and it is named #sugarbearquilt. It is fun and is fatquarter friendly, which is an added bonus. Melanie Traylor (the designer) has a quilt along of this pattern on her website at the moment...I highly encourage people to not only do the quilt along, but check out her hrt ruler (I made the squaring up of the half rectangle triangles so much quicker and easier). I went with a lot of different colors but it is beautiful in every colorway that I have seen (the tester end product pictures are on Melanie's site...You will want to do this one!

Sew, as you see, pattern testing is an awesome way to get to not only test new things, but also work on some of your skills. Oh those points! I have three more (at the moment) awaiting permission to I will share them and the others that I am sure will come along at a later date.

If you are interested in pattern testing, look into it. All patterns need to be tested before they are published, so read out and find designers and volunteer.

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