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Pandemic pause...

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Ok, I actually set up this site a while ago, but then...well a pandemic hit the world and somehow the site took a backburner. No real excuse why a pandemic would affect writing a blog but somehow switching to teaching online, trying to get kiddos to show up for said teaching, worrying about family and friends, being on lockdown (located in Germany and they take precautions kind of serious), going back to teaching in building only to return to remote then get the picture. Well we are a year into this plethora of pandemic precautions and I woke up and decided it was time to do this blog thing.

Keep in mind, (snicker, snicker) the path I take on this adventure may seem a bit chaotic at times (get it? seamschaotic) so perhaps the best advice I can give to those who may visit this is good. For those wondering why I would snicker about 'keep in mind' I actually started quilting because I had a brain injury which caused me to lose a lot of my memories (sadly the lost memories were primarily good memories, like how much my children weighed when born, or most of my daughter's wedding, but the bad memories seemed to remain. Lesson learned, make a bazillion good memories, just in case something happens and you lose a lot of them.) Anyway, I used to sew a lot when my kiddos were little, but sewing, or at least how, was a lost memory, so I embarked on the journey of relearning. I thought quilting was the easy jump into this; after all, it's just simple straight lines, right? It would be a quick reminder then on to sewing clothes.

Long story short, I found that sewing clothes was not something that I really liked to do but I liked piecing quilts and the challenge that some patterns can be. I admit, quilting the projects are not my main joy, but perhaps with more practice...

As you can probably tell, my thinking is no longer linear, but eventually there is a full picture, and in the case of this blog, posts may end up here, there and everywhere, but I promise to keep them somehow related to quilting. So get that glass (or bottle) of wine, because here we go.

Oh goodness, this will be fun, I just realized I wrote a few posts and didn't publish them...yet another lesson learn: Write post then actually post them 😂

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