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Quilting Chaos ensues...


I am no where near a professional quilter, but I do dabble and have made a few good quilts so far. Why a blog, you might ask...well, this is the story (and I am sticking to it), I have been teaching myself to quilt, and have a sewing room full of beautiful fabrics, I have a long list of quilts I need to get done, but somehow actually getting them done has eluded me. Unfortunately (or maybe is it good), I have been stuck home all this week due to illness so that meant I had time to think (not always a good thing), and while I was thinking that I really need to get some of these bazillion quilts made, I thought, "I should make a blog and then I would not only be accountable for doing the quilts but I could also use it to keep record of my quilts I do make." (Now you are seeing where it's not always good for me to have time to think.)

So long story short, this is the product of too much time on my hands, not necessarily being used in the most productive manner, but hopefully something good will come of a blog with nice (finished) quilts, maybe some tutorials, maybe some memes, maybe so ideas that will inspire or help other newbie quilters...Only time will tell. No matter what, I am glad you stopped by and hope you find my chaos a good fit. 

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